Trump Promises To “Keep America Great!”

With “God Bless the USA” playing proudly in the background, President Trump walked into a packed Manchester, New Hampshire stadium with men and women of all different shapes, sizes and colors cheering loudly,

“Four more years! Four more years!”

To this the president could only respond with a single promise, “Wow. I will never, ever let you down.”

The enthusiastic audience was filled with signs reading “Make America Great Again,” and even more with the phrase “Women For Trump,” held by women with smiling faces and red hats showing their support for the president’s 2020 campaign. The people cheered and laughed with the president as he discussed the record low unemployment rates and the booming economy. At times it even seemed like President Trump couldn’t get a word out with how loud the crowd seemed to show their approval.

Once again proving himself to be the people’s president that he is, Trump took an audience poll in the middle of his rally to let his supporters decide what his campaign’s theme would be. The nearly unanimous response from the roaring crowd:

“Keep America Great!”

Watch the entire rally here: