Trump Donates $1MM, But Twitter Says It’s Not Enough

In the modern age of crises, the wealthy are looked to for solutions. They’re almost expected to liquidate small percentages of their fortunes to help everyone else out.

Really, there’s nothing wrong with this at all. We all like receiving gifts of any sort, but there is a certain satisfaction that only comes when you know you’ve genuinely helped another human being.

The Hollywood response has been immense. The famous stand up comic, Kevin Hart, kicked it off largely by publicly donating $25,000! Then his friend, The Rock, joined in, and matched it over again with each of his different companies. Even lower level celebs, like Chris Brown, posted video pledges that they too would send money to donate.

Even Miley Cyrus jumped in the donating game by ponying up for half a million!

It’s sad, how the Left, which is supposed to be the party of tolerance and acceptance, routinely does not tolerate and rejects any and everything done by President Trump.

Liberals applaud all these celebrities donating the relief efforts. Kevin Hart reportedly has a net worth of $125 Million dollars, and he’s only donating $25k. Is this a sufficient amount given his status? Obviously a ludicrous statement, and it’s simply rude to try and judge his heart by the amount he’s giving. Really, any amount is a great amount.

But when we turn to Donald Trump, he can’t give enough apparently. He pledged to give $1Million dollars, and yet, by Twitter’s response, you’d thought he announced a plan to kidnap children from Houston instead!

Yes, the man is a billionaire. $1Million is “Trump” change, as it’s now being called. If he’s really wroth $10 Billion, he probably could donate $100 Million and not be too affected. Whatever he does is simply not enough. The left are possessed with such a deep founded hatred for this man, it’s almost laughable, and oh so predictable.

It’s no secret, Trump is far from perfect. No one is forcing him to donate this money, and he knows that anything he does will be criticized and attacked. There’s no advantage in him donating the money. He’s only doing so because he actually wants to. But let’s take it with a grain of salt as well. He’s not a savior, and there are no rules that says he has to or should be expected to.

Obama didn’t publicly donate money to Sandy or any other natural disasters. Even though we shouldn’t be moved by the opinions of others, making sure to follow through on some simple promises is a solid way to get people to start shutting up, and getting on with their own lives.