The United States Has A Godless Problem, Not A Gun Problem

Over the weekend the nation was rocked by two separate attacks on Americans peacefully worshipping in their respective buildings of faith

In Fort Worth, Texas, a gunman was killed by a volunteer security guard after the gunman opened fire on the congregation. Meanwhile, in New York, a machete wielding madman was apprehended after attacking people in a synagogue.

The responses by our “leaders” were typical: call for “gun control” when advantageous, and ignore the story about the black man trying to slice jewish Americans to pieces with a machete.

The thing that both instances have in common is that these attacks occurred inside places of worship. These people weren’t going out in the streets, witnessing to the world. They were minding their business, worshipping inside of a building they assumed was safe to worship in.

“Many people today do not take God at His Word. They want to make up a belief system to fit a secular society. This is where we get into trouble—listening to what others say instead of what God says.”
-Franklin Graham

Sadly, our society has dramatically changed in the last century. Once a cornerstone of our nation, faith has been replaced by new-age “spirituality” that insists right and wrong are fluid.

Look around. What part of our society would be pleasing to God? Does God want us mutilating bodies He made? Does God want us promoting the termination of millions of unborn children? Does God want children growing up confused over what their gender is?

No. God calls for us to be strong, and to say the truth. Tragically, too many would rather live comfortably than tell these “hard truths”.

God has been replaced by our image of what we think God should be. We worship ourselves, and think we know better than the creator of the universe.

I’ve seen too many churches to count promoting the LGBT community under the notion of “we were created in His image.” These dangerous “churches” believe that we are able to tell God what He is, and not the other way around.

When the culture, and even churches, are anti-God, it becomes easier to understand how people could have such low value for human life.

Perhaps this is why Democrats are so hellbent on taking away our ability to defend ourselves. They don’t value our lives already, so naturally they don’t care if we are armed or not. They just want to be able to say things like “well, in a perfect world nobody would need a gun.”

For a group of people who ignore the existence of God, they seem to have a lot of faith in the ability to create a “perfect world” through legislation.

Mass shooters don’t value the lives of other human beings. Their actions clearly indicate this. Tragically, there’s no way for law enforcement to be able to tell how someone is feeling on the inside. We have no way of detecting someone’s soul.

Because we have no idea what people are really thinking at all times, Democrats believe the solution is to take away guns from everyone.

There’s no push for God. There’s no reflection on their own actions and thoughts. Instead, it’s an immediate blaming of an object, and not the person using the object.

America doesn’t have a gun problem. If we did, then what do we call the epidemic of people dying in automobile accidents? What do we call the flu? What do we call (insert anything that kills more people than guns)?

Instead of taking away a person’s ability to defend themselves, Americans should be asking what can we do to change the hearts and minds of those who might ultimately carry out a horrific attack. Bringing God back into our society might be a good place to start.

Of course, the dark hates the light, so don’t expect folks on the left to consider this… They just want your guns…

If you’re reading this and asking “haven’t I seen this before?”

Yes. You have. Because people keep blaming guns, and not the hearts of evil people.

“As long as we continue to only praise God and look at God on a Sunday morning and kick Him out of the town square and our schools the other six days of the week, what do we expect?”
-Greg Abbott

Good question, governor. In a society that is morally falling apart, now more than ever we need to seek God.

Of course, a lot of people will scoff at this notion that we need to make faith a priority. Heaven forbid we start valuing one another as creations of a Holy Father…

Here’s what the governor is saying: we don’t value one another. We constantly pick fights with total strangers online. We don’t spend time as a community together like we used to. There’s less REAL interaction these days, yet we are more connected than ever.

The church fixes a lot of these issues. For the lonely, there’s community. For the spiritually lost, there are answers and people looking to help. For the depressed, there are those waiting to surround you in love.

This is what Abbott, and those alike are talking about when they say we need more God. We need more LOVE in this world, not hate. We need to focus on the things that unify us, not reasons to squabble.

This starts at an individual level. Take steps daily to show God’s love to the world. If more people did that, imagine how many lives would be impacted. Imagine the lonely kid who is shown the love of God through a total stranger’s act of kindness, whatever that may be.

That’s the America we should strive to become. A nation of people that are slow to anger, and quick to listen. Maybe we’d actually get something done.