The FBI Arrested NYC Terror Suspect 2 Years Ago, Let Him Go For One Dumb Reason

How in the hell can we trust our own law enforcement, when they fail us time after time after time?

No, this isn’t an attack on our police forces, this goes higher than that. This has to do with the incompetency of our FBI, CIA, and all the other organizations that were created to keep us “safe”.

When I heard the FBI had interviewed the Manhattan terrorist over two years ago, my first thought was “how did law enforcement let this guy go?” Then it dawned on me, this seems to be a normal occurrence. The FBI investigates a terror suspect, that suspect eventually goes on to kill Americans, and the FBI pretends it never saw any signs.

Never saw any signs? The FBI thought enough of this guy to consider him a threat, yet now they claim they never saw it coming? Do they really think we are this stupid?

The attacker asked for an ISIS flag to be hung in his hospital room. What kind of signs were the FBI looking for? Did they want him to walk into their office with a burqa, and a machine gun?

Then we have comedians like Chuck Schumer questioning the president’s leadership for wanting to keep terrorists out of our country. Seriously, he spoke out against the president for wanting to end the program that let the killer in here in the first place.

That’s the logic we are dealing with. The left calls the president a “racist” for calling out the acts of extremists in the “religion of peace”.

The frightening thing with all of this is that it’s abundantly clear, ISIS is here in America.

At what point are we going to start questioning whether our own government is willingly allowing this to happen? They are suspicious about a person who isn’t from the U.S. They bring him in, they let him go, and he goes on to kill. This isn’t the first time, on the contrary, it seems par for the course.

The FBI is being more and more useless by the day. While they continue to spend time and resources on a Trump-Russia scandal that is non-existent, American lives are being lost.

The FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies are proving to be nothing more than a giant waste of tax dollars. Their continued incompetence is costing innocent lives.


Right now, people are too afraid of being called a “bigot” to speak the truth. While the left attempts to paint christian values as archaic, there’s another religion aiming to rule over women, and exterminate homosexuals.

The left panders to Islam, knowing that the religion goes directly against their calls for inclusion.

We can’t sugar coat it. Doing that is what has gotten us here in the first place. We would rather people die in the streets, than live with the possibility of someone calling us “racist”.

The reason people dislike Trump is because he tells unpleasant truths, as opposed to comforting lies.

People complain that he says things that don’t make them “feel” good, as though the leader of the nation is our mother. Trump’s job is to keep us safe, and if the best way to do it is to tell the truth about a dangerous ideology, then thank God we have a leader who refuses to pander.

The left wants you to think that conservatives are the evil ones. They run ads depicting white people wanting to run over minorities.

The fact is, there is a lot of evil in this world, and endangering ourselves so people’s feelings aren’t hurt is utterly ridiculous.

The FBI, CIA, hell, all of our intelligence agencies needs new leadership. Right now it seems like we are basically setting money on fire. Wake up folks, or you might find yourself in the crosshairs.