Texas Republican Is Running For Congress To “Make Sure The Wall Gets Finished”

The American people spoke in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected thanks in large part for promising to secure the border, but all that is at risk if Democrats win key battleground districts.

Texas’ 23rd District represents the longest stretch of U.S.-Mexican border within one congressional district, and there won’t be a wall if Representative Will Hurd is replaced with a left-wing Democrat when he steps down.

Fortunately, political outsider Darwin Boedeker has thrown his hat in the ring to bring a true America First agenda to the 23rd District of Texas.

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“For one, the wall needs to be completed,” Boedeker said in a recent interview laying out his immigration plan. “That’s the first thing that needs to happen, then we move on to fixing the problem with the folks here.”

There’s no quick-fix for the immigration problem, and Boedeker recognizes this, which is why he is proposing a three-phase plan for those who are already here illegally.

“Phase one: build a national website, or registry, that illegal aliens have to log into and create a profile to self identify,” he suggested, adding that “failure to comply will result in an immediate deportation.”

Phase two of Boedeker’s plan involves appointing more federal judges with the sole purpose of overseeing immigration cases.

“The newly appointed 200 federal judges will initiate extensive criminal background checks to find gang affiliation or prior felony convictions,” he said.

The third, and final phase of Boedeker’s plan puts those here illegally on a pathway to citizenship, but it doesn’t allow them to “jump in line” of those already seeking to attain legal status in the United States.

“When the judge determines you are okay to be here, and you have complied fully you go to the back of the legal citizen line,” he states. “Everyone already in line gets to come through first.”

“Again failure to or attempt to cheat or circumvent the 3 phases will be grounds for immediate deportation,” he makes sure to emphasize.

The race for Texas’ 23rd District is critical for the America First movement, and a vote for Darwin Boedeker is certainly a vote to keep the country safe.

“I will stand with the president, especially when it comes to keeping the people of this district, this state, and this country safe.”