Texas Man Who Took Out Gunman Responds To People Calling Him A “Hero”

On Sunday a man intent on killing Christians entered a church in White Settlement, Texas and proceeded to open fire on parishioners, tragically killing two.

Within seconds of the first shot being fired, 71-year old Jack Wilson stood up, took aim, and fired at the gunman, successfully taking him out, and saving numerous lives.

In the aftermath of the shooting the former reserve deputy sheriff took to Facebook through his campaign’s page (he’s running for county Commissioner):

“I just want to thank all who have sent their prayers and comments on the events of today,” he said. “The events at West Freeway Church of Christ put me in a position that I would hope no one would have to be in, but evil exists and I had to take out an active shooter in church.

“I’m thankful to GOD that I have been blessed with the ability and desire to serve him in the role of head of security at the church. I am very sad in the loss of two dear friends and brothers in CHRIST, but evil does exist in this world and I and other members are not going to allow evil to succeed. Please pray for all the members and their families in this time. Thank you for your prayers and understanding.”

When reporters started showing up and asking questions, Wilson was quick to point out that he was just doing his job. “I don’t see myself as a hero,” he said. “I see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat.”

“There were people in front of me, between the shooter and myself,” Wilson continued. “I had to wait for just a second because the whole thing was less than six seconds from start to finish and I had to make sure I didn’t hit a member as they were right in front of me.”

Wilson, who trains gun owners and owns a gun range, is the exact person one would want if a situation like this were to ever occur. He’s the guy who trains the “good guys” with guns, and it showed if you’ve seen the video (it’s a little graphic for my taste, but you can look it up).

“I only fired one round. It was the only shot I had, which was a head shot,” Wilson said. “In my classes, I teach not to take head shots, but that was the only shot I had that was a clear shot and I was comfortable with taking the shot because of my training and my practice.”

After firing the shot, Wilson walked over to the body to make sure the threat was gone.

“There was no verbal communication out of him whatsoever at that point. He was down, he was bleeding profusely from his head and the only movement was just body twitching, which happens when someone is in that condition where they’re about to die,” Wilson said.

When he was told he saved countless lives, Wilson agreed, adding, “I feel confident of that because when an individual is using a 12-gauge, short-barrel shotgun with double-aught buck in it, which is what he had in it, then, you know, it could have been a whole lot worse.”

Thank God for this man. Needless to say, he won’t need any help advertising for his campaign. I might move out there just to vote for him.