‘Stop Pretending That You Care’: Watch These Border Patrol Wives Destroy Pelosi For Refusing To Fund A Border Wall

With things heating up about issues with funding the border wall, it’s no shock that families of those directly affected have started speaking up.

We aren’t talking about the politicians like Pelosi who just seem to think they know what is best for everyone, yet seemingly have no clue at all what really goes on. I guess for her it’s easier to speak like you know, but keep a blind eye turned towards the actual issue at hand.

A couple of U.S. Border Agent wives took it upon themselves to write House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about their thoughts and feelings towards her attitude and view on border security.

Even during the record long government shutdown, Pelosi refused to budge at all for additional funding to allow for a physical barrier at the border, that was even despite the requests from Border Patrol professionals.

Jill Demanski and Renea Perez, whose husbands are both Border Patrol Agents, are both hoping that a visit to the border would influence Pelosi’s decision regarding wall funding. In a letter that Jill Demanski wrote to Pelosi, she asked Pelosi to:

“visit the border to see that a physical barrier is an important feature needed to keep Border Patrol agents safe”

“We, the wives of the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol, would like to cordially invite you to come visit McAllen, Texas, as President Trump did. We would like to show you around! You don’t need to bring any security detail. Our husbands and significant others are actually very good at their jobs, thank goodness. We’d also appreciate if you’d stop pretending that you care about federal workers. If you did, you would care for their safety, not just their paychecks. We can hold out a while longer if it means our husbands and communities are safer.”

The two concerned wives, during an interview on “Fox & Friends” stated their concerns for the safety of their husbands, and all the Agents out in the field. They believe there will be less danger to everyone, especially those fighting to protect our borders if there was an established physical barrier between them and large groups of migrants.

Most Patrol Agents go out on their own, and when they encounter large groups trying to enter illegally, it puts their lives at greater risk. One man against hundreds isn’t very good odds. But having a border wall would allow for time, time that Agent needs to call for backup when needed, and allows for the time for other Agents to arrive and aid the situation.

Mrs. Perez stated in the interview: “I don’t think it’s fair that they’re asking one or two agents to handle groups of hundreds of people crossing over at one time,” Demanski said. “[…] We don’t think it shows that they are worried about our agents’ safety.”

During the shutdown was extremely difficult for them, while Pelosi and other Dems were vacationing, the men and women of the Border Patrol were still working to keep the border safe.

Perez said that: “Bills don’t stop, so we were feeling like we were forgotten,”

I’m sure all those who went without pay everywhere were feeling the same way. Mrs. Demanski stated also that:

“it is not President Trump that is necessarily asking for the wall. Border Patrol and our agents and experts here have been asking for it for years.”

They are hoping a trip from Nancy Pelosi and a good look into what is really going on down there will help her make the better decision before the February 15th deadline comes about.

Now, whether Pelosi will get out from behind her desk, and her comfort zone to see what is really happening is beyond me, but I am hoping she makes the effort, otherwise all her words are still just wasted space, and wasted opinions.

Take a look below for the full interview.