Rep. Devin Nunes Uses Impeachment Hearing Opening Statement To Expose Adam Schiff’s “Deception”

Adam Schiff and his circus of an impeachment hearing are under way, and I cannot implore you enough to go ahead and tune in. (Don’t worry, it’s at the bottom)

Before a witness could even give a statement, Republican Reps. began shooting holes in the sham impeachment that “Shifty Schiff” is putting the American people through.

Devin Nunes was recognized for opening remarks, during which he called out his colleagues on the other side for dragging us all through this process again. He pointed to the “Russian hoax” as an example of the lengths Democrats were willing to go to lie, and “overturn results of the election”.

“[Democrats] turned on a dime!” he said before adding that Democrats like Schiff want people to forget about them “trying to find nude pictures” and “countless other deceptions” throughout the previous “witch hunt”.

Now, since Democrats seem to have a dumpster full of candidates to choose from, they are pushing the idea that Trump was using Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden… Totally ignoring the fact that Joe Biden was never really a serious candidate to begin with.

Democrats think that their constituents are morons, and they are proving to be correct. How else could you explain the logic behind thinking that Trump is working with BOTH Russia AND Ukraine? These two groups of people have hated each other for hundreds of years. We don’t know why, we just know they do. It’s like saying someone is Pro-Islam, and Pro-Judaism. It just doesn’t jive.

Maybe a better example would be… It’s like saying you support the Yankees AND the Red Sox. That’s how these people on the left think. They probably like the Lakers and the Celtics too.

Nunes said that he and his fellow Republicans have three general questions:

What is the full extent of the democrats coordination with the whistleblower?
What is the full extent of Ukraine working against the Trump campaign?
Why did Burisma hire Hunter Biden?

“Republicans have been refused to call witnesses who know these answers,” he said.

Watch the hearing LIVE below: