Rashida Tlaib Under Ethics Investigation For Paying Herself $45,000, Soros Gave Over $300k

Rashida Tlaib has made quite a name for herself in her short time in congress, but that may come to a screeching halt.

In April the Washington Free Beacon reported that Tlaib had paid herself with campaign funds, which is fine DURING the campaign… It’s the fact that she took lump sum payments AFTER she had won that has lawyers scratching their heads.

From May 7 until the general election on Nov. 6, Tlaib paid herself a total of $28,000 in payments from the campaign committee, which first-time candidates are permitted to do up until the day of the general election if they so choose.

Following the general election, Tlaib cut herself a $2,000 check on Nov. 16 and disbursed $15,500 to herself on Dec. 1, which was well above the average of what she was paying herself during the campaign.

The issue here is that Tlaib had seemingly given herself a bonus well after her campaign had ended. Law experts suggest that this was to avoid that perception that she was paying herself a high salary throughout the campaign. By paying a lump sum at the end, she was able to skirt by any bad publicity throughout the election season.

OCE REFERRAL OF TLAIB by Fox News on Scribd

Tlaib also reported a $68,307 salary for a “Leadership in Government Fellowship” in 2017 but did not disclose the name of the organization who provided the funding for the fellowship, as required by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ethics.

Well, guess who owns the organization (Open Societies Foundation) that paid Rashida Tlaib…

That’s right, George freakin’ Soros, the evil billionaire who has seemingly been on a mission to tear America apart (and he’s been quite successful).

Jonathan Kaplan, Soros’s spokesperson, told The Beacon:

“Rashida Tlaib was awarded a Leadership in Government fellowship from the Open Society Foundations in the fall of 2016. Her project: to focus on increasing the civic participation of disenfranchised urban communities of color. When Ms. Tlaib informed us that she was planning to run for Congress, we mutually agreed to suspend her fellowship and no further payments were made.”

Whether it was $68k or $85k, that was just from one year. Tax filings show that Tlaib was paid well north of $200k from 2016-2017 by Soros’ organization…