President Trump’s Speech Just Ended Biden’s 2020 Chances

President Donald Trump is a politician unlike any we’ve seen in recent memory. The man shoots from the hip, and that’s a quality that many of his supporters like about him.

Last night was no exception, as the president came out firing at former vice president, and democratic hopeful “sleepy” Joe Biden.

“Now the democrats are making a pathetic bid to save Sleepy Joe,” the president said to thunderous applause. “You know what? I’d love to run against him, to be honest.”

“Anybody like that… If you can’t beat him in a debate you’ve got a big problem.”

The president went on to say that Biden is “totally owned, and totally controlled by the Washington swamp”, to which the crowd responded with boos.

President Trump didn’t stop there, though. While the democrats continue to push for impeachment based on the president having a phone call with Ukraine, the president went on the offensive, asking “where is Hunter Biden?” numerous times.

“Joe’s son, Hunter, got thrown out of the Navy, and then became a genius on Wall Street in about two days,” Trump joked. “By the way, what ever happened to Hunter? Where the hell is he?”

The president then jumped into a bit that left the crowd in stitches, pretending to be a host for MSNBC sucking up to Hunter Biden:

“Hunter, we couldn’t be happier for you and your family… I know you don’t know anything about energy, and it’s an energy company, but I think they made a great deal, Hunter.”

Then, the president dropped the hammer on Biden with a line that will one day end up etched in marble in Trump’s Presidential Library:

“He was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass.”

This speech had everything that president Trump’s base wanted. Trump didn’t apologize for looking into Biden’s corruption, he doubled down.

For the longest time republicans were stuck with candidates who backed down to democrats. Hell, many of those republicans (Mitt Romney) are in bed with them. Now we have a president who is willing to stand up for those who he represents.