President Trump Visited Hospital After Possibly Being Poisoned

President Trump is constantly on the move. When he’s not on the campaign trail, or working in D.C., he’s probably out on the golf course. All this to say: he’s a pretty healthy guy.

He’s not having heart attacks like Bernie, and his eyeballs aren’t exploding like Joe Biden. By all accounts, President Trump is as healthy as a horse.

That’s why many were concerned to hear that the president made an unexpected trip to the hospital over the weekend.

Multiple outlets are now reporting that the president’s trip to the hospital was in response to his food tester becoming ill. Now, an investigation is underway to find out who, if anyone, is trying to poison Donald Trump, and the First Family.

Infowars says their source inside the White House told them:

Doctors and staff reportedly found the byproduct of a type of toxin that’s very hard to detect and has a time-delayed onset of symptoms.

Additionally, the toxin is a newer concoction that’s not typically tested for since it’s not well-known, according to the source.

The president was later taken to the same facility where a battery of tests were performed to assess whether he had ingested the same toxin.

According to the White House connected source who spoke directly with Alex Jones, chemical testing confirmed the presence of a molecular byproduct of a potential toxin, although it is important to note that molecular byproducts can come from many different sources and it’s not always possible to determine the molecular structure of the original molecule from which the byproduct was derived.

The President is reportedly fine and did not experience the same symptoms that are reported to have overcome the food tester.

While the media wasted no time reporting on the fact that the president was going to the hospital, not many were willing to look into the reason why. It turns out that the president’s life was potentially in danger.

Maybe that’s why President Trump enjoys fast-food. Could you imagine what would happen if Donald Trump was poisoned by KFC? There would be riots in the streets. There’s a level of accountability there that doesn’t exist with private chefs, or catering companies.

Time-delayed poisons are the type of things assassins use to get by a food tester without anyone knowing the poison was there. Clearly this was an attempt to harm the president and his family, but that would paint Trump as a victim, and the media can’t have that.

They couldn’t beat him, they can’t impeach him, so now they are trying to poison him… Fortunately, Trump is chugging along just fine.