President Trump Shows Up To The Alabama-LSU Game, Crowd Proceeds To Go Wild

President Trump went down to the deep south over the weekend, and he was welcomed with open arms by his constituents.

A few weeks ago the late night show hosts couldn’t stop talking about the president being booed by a crowd in D.C. during the World Series. What a shock, a liberal town boos the president. Color me surprised.

Well, things went a bit different when the president visited the part of the country that actually supports him.

Prior to kickoff of the LSU-Alabama game this weekend, the president was featured on the big screen in the stadium, and the crowds reaction might’ve caused an earthquake. I wouldn’t bet on it, but it’s possible…

Don’t expect Steven Colbert, or Seth Meyers (he’s still on TV, right?) to talk about this. They’ll probably bring up the fact that the “Baby Trump” balloon met its timely demise, but that should’ve happened a long time ago.

Oh yeah, and LSU knocked off Bama. Geaux Tigers.