President Trump Says “Impeachment Hoax Is Going Nowhere” In Press Conference With Canada’s Trudeau

President Trump has been fighting against a biased media from the moment he announced his candidacy what seems like a lifetime ago, but that apparently hasn’t swayed his supporters. In fact, the constant attacks on the president might be helping him.

During a press conference with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Trump boasted about his campaign’s success in recent months.

“We are winning so big,” he said. “We had our biggest fundraising month ever. Last quarter was unbelievable.”

Trump then flat out stated that the whole impeachment ordeal is a big load of nothing:

“I have my best poll numbers that I’ve ever had. The impeachment hoax is going nowhere.”

In typical fashion, Trump was asked about Ukraine, but today he was sure to mention that Ukraine’s President Zelensky had reaffirmed that the conversation between the two of them was a-okay.

“I had a very, very good conversation with the head of Ukraine. And by the way, yesterday he came out again and reaffirmed again that we had a very, very respectful, good conversation, that President Trump did nothing wrong.”

This is why Republican voters support Trump. He doesn’t cower in fear when the media comes after him. He goes on the attack, and takes control of the narrative. All the more reason to support him in 2020.