President Trump Rips Media To Shreds For Defending Joe Biden’s Corruption

President Trump always seems to make time for the press, and today was no exception. Although the left believes he always has something to hide, he readily makes himself available for questioning even as he’s about to fly out.

“Let’s go,” he said today as he approached the press. “What do you have, John?”

After being asked about the impeachment situation, the president responded by saying he’s not concerned “with anything.”

“The testimony has all been fine,” he continued. “For the most part, I’ve never even heard of these people.”

“I have no idea who they are. There are some very fine people. You have some ‘never Trumpers’. It seems that nobody has any firsthand knowledge… All that matters is one thing, the transcript.”

The president continued to defend his position that the transcript was “perfect”, and that nothing wrong had taken place during his call with Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

“Nothing else matters,” he said. “It was perfect.”

The president then starts pointing the finger at the media for perpetuating a “hoax”.

“This is a hoax. Just like the Russian witch hunt, this is a continuation. When you look at the lawyer for the whistleblower, I thought it ended when the lawyer was compromised. I mean, the lawyer is a bad guy. So, I thought that was the end of it.”

“No, this is just a continuation of the hoax.”

The president goes on to say that although we have “the best employment numbers”, “you people [the media] don’t want to talk about that”.

When another member of the press kept pressing on Ukraine, Trump finally let the media have it with a bomb loaded with truth that they won’t dare to print.

“We are looking for corruption,” Trump said when asked about Ukraine looking into the Bidens. “We’re giving hundreds of millions of dollars, and we’re looking for corruption. All you have to do is look at Biden and you’ll see tremendous corruption. Because what he did was ‘quid pro quo’ times ten…”

As the media tried to interrupt the President of the United States, Trump told them to “be quiet”.

“I saw the same tape on television,” he said after the members of the press had finished yelling. “And the tape shows that Joe Biden is a crook. He’s 100% crooked. And the fake news, which is you, and you, you don’t want to do anything about it.”

To sum it up, the Democrats are mad that Trump won’t sign checks over to a country with a history of corruption. The president knows Ukraine’s history, and how President Zelensky won earlier this year on a campaign of rooting out corruption. Corruption that was financed by the Obama administration.

This is what the president wants answers for. Joe Biden just so happens to be his opponent, but that doesn’t take away from the issue that the man is utterly corrupt.