President Trump Delivers On Promise To Bring Troops Home, Media Lashes Out

When Donald Trump was just a candidate, he made many promises to the American people.

Some of those promises included building a wall, repealing Obamacare, and passing a tax cut.

The left-wing media has no problem repeating cries of “he didn’t fulfill his promises”, but the moment the president delivers, he gets ripped for it.

The removal of troops in Syria is just one example of this.

President Trump said that he was going to end America’s seemingly endless wars overseas, and would bring troops home. As it would turn out, the man who seems to make a habit of fulfilling campaign promises delivered.

“I don’t want to stay there for the next 40 years,” Trump said Wednesday. “It’s not going to do anything. … I campaigned on the fact that I was going to bring our soldiers home, and bring them home as rapidly as possible.”

Unfortunately, there are a multitude of Americans who are outraged that our brave young men and women are coming home. Politicians, activists, and every day Americans are suddenly pretending to have a real soft spot for a group of people known as The Kurds.

So, now you have the people who are typically upset over the defense budget complaining that we are bringing soldiers home. The logic it takes for that to make sense boggles the mind, but that’s democrat logic for you. At least the republican war hawks make it known they want more money for the military.

Furthermore, we have news outlets publishing pieces that criticize the president for keeping his word.

This excerpt from a USA Today opinion piece really allows you to dive into the mind of how the people on the left think:

Politicians claim mandates all the time but rarely is the verdict of an election so clear as to provide them. We do not vote issue-by-issue for candidates, with multiple-part voter referenda on many issues. We ultimately choose one candidate, who has inevitably made dozens of promises in the course of a campaign, over another who has made her own multiple pledges. As such, we cannot know which promises mattered most to voters. Polls can inquire, but they are rarely clear or conclusive. This point is obvious at one level, yet elected leaders (not just Trump) repeatedly invoke supposed mandates to justify their own gut instincts or policy preferences when in fact they can lay claim to no such thing. Arguably, Trump’s promises about economic nationalism, views on law and order, opposition to several of President Obama’s policies on matters like health care and energy, Supreme Court preferences, and several other matters all gained more attention and traction in his campaign than the promise to reduce military commitments abroad. Does he really have a mandate about all these things?

Let me get this straight… This guy doesn’t think it’s important for a politician to keep his or her promises. So, what’s the point of voting for a candidate?

So, now the left wants to criticize the president for doing what he said he would do. Do these people realize that people voted for Donald Trump because they believed he would do what he says, as opposed to typical politicians?

While folks on the left want to pretend to care about a group of people they hadn’t heard of until a week ago, the president’s supporters are cheering the return of our brave men and women who served dutifully.