President Trump Dares “Crooked Hillary” To Enter Race “Under One Condition”

Our president is a master at manipulating the media.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise, as he’s been in the public eye for decades.

We haven’t hidden our thoughts in regards to Hillary Clinton jumping into the 2020 race for president, and in fact we’ve gone as far as saying she will end up being the nominee for the Democrats.

Well, it would appear that President Trump thinks Hillary has intentions of swooping in. This morning the president took to twitter and told his 2016 opponent she should take over for the “Uber Left Elizabeth Warren”.

“I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren. Only one condition. The Crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors including how & why she deleted 33,000 Emails AFTER getting ā€œCā€ Subpoena!”

Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Reopened

You might see some folks saying that this is another attempt to “distract”, but the fact is our president is just a funny guy who says funny things.

Do you think Hillary Clinton will swoop in?