Photos Of CNN Chairman’s Wife And Epstein’s Alleged “Pimp” Surface

Videos have been released that show CNN staff admitting that the chairman, Jeff Zucker, has a “personal vendetta” against the president, and now we might know why.

The motto is “a picture says a thousand words,” so what happens when you have multiple pictures, from different events?

I’m not sure if “surface” is the right word, as these images were never hidden from the public. However, these images do reveal just how connected Jeffrey Epstein was to the liberal elites.

As previously stated, these images weren’t being hidden by any means, but now there seems to be a giant “A-Ha!” moment. Jeff Zucker’s ex-wife, Caryn Zucker, is clearly friendly with the woman (Ghislaine Maxwell) who many believe brought young girls to the now deceased pedophile “billionaire” Jeffrey Epstein.

Furthermore, she appears to also be friend with Hillary Clinton’s advisor Huma Abedin, the wife of child sex-offender Anthony Weiner.

While Jeff and Caryn are no longer together, these pictures seem to predate their split.