Pelosi Caught On “Hot Mic” After Giving First Speech To Congress, Her Words Stun Everyone

We all know that mistakes and blunders can happen at anytime. Lord knows I misspeak often and jumble my words. But, then again, I am not someone who has a job or holds an office that requires me to speak in front of anyone of importance, or to cameras.

As if being a person that holds a Congressional seat wasn’t hard enough, what happens when you just completely mess up? Normally you would likely just not acknowledge it until later, but not Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi went on to give her very first ever speech to Congress today January 3rd. Everything seemed to have gone very well, including applause at the end of her speech, but then what she said next left us all as confused as she was.

Towards the end of her speech Pelosi said:

“Guided by the vision and values of our founders, the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform and the aspirations that we have for our children, let us meet that responsibility with courage, wisdom and grace.

Together, we will let it be known: that this House will truly be the People’s House!

Let us pray that God may bless our work, and crown our good with brotherhood and sisterhood, from sea to shining sea.

God bless you, and God bless America.”

After all of that the applauding began, Pelosi leaned over to the man on her right and whispered (on a hot mic):

“I think I skipped a couple pages. I’m not sure.”

Here’s a clip from The American Mirror showing the end of her speech, and where she spoke on a hot mic. It’s okay Pelosi, it could have happened to the best of us.