Once Again, Hillary Clinton Refuses To Say She Won’t Run For President

Hillary Clinton refuses to ride off into the sunset, once again refusing to say that she’s finished with politics.

On Britain’s Graham Norton Show, Hillary was asked specifically if she was going to definitively state that she would not run for president.

‘Are you saying ‘Forget me’ now?” Graham asked, referencing a part of her book that really isn’t important right now, because nobody really cares about Hillary’s book…

“Not yet,” she said as the British crowd went wild.

“Right now, I’m not, at all, uh, you know, planning that,” she added. “I’d have to make up my mind really quickly because it’s moving very fast.”

Come on lady, who are you trying to fool?

As it stands, there isn’t one democrat who is going to run away with the party’s nomination. Filing dates may have passed for some primaries, but they aren’t in states that, for lack of a better term, matter… Hillary could bide her time until she has to register for primaries in large states, but until then why would she put herself through the tear-down process of a primary?