Obama Endorses Man Who Wore Blackface Before Joe Biden

What does it when your former boss endorses a person who wore black face before you?

That’s the reality for Joe Biden, whose campaign had been struggling enough before Barack Obama dealt the death blow.

While it may seem inconsequential to some, the fact that Obama would endorse Justin Trudeau for Canadian Prime Minister BEFORE his own Vice President speaks volumes to many Americans. How could it not? Joe Biden worked side by side with the former president, yet Obama has yet to endorse the man.

People are quick to forget that there are a lot of pictures of Justin Trudeau in blackface. The party that seems to think “everything is racist” has no problem with Obama supporting Trudeau.

Again, that’s not even the issue. If Obama wants to support Daffy Duck we shouldn’t mind. He’s a private citizen. What is worth reporting is that Obama would rather support the Canadian Prime Minister than the man who he hand picked to work alongside every day for eight years.

Which begs the question, why won’t Obama support Joe Biden?