Nuclear Leak In Russia Exposed In Shocking Footage Of Hazmat Workers

For those of you who saw the show Chernobyl, how fantastic was that?!

For those of you old enough to remember Chernobyl, this might bring you back.

Video footage shows emergency responders arriving in hazmat suits, sparking fears of a nuclear radiation accident in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident yet, but lord knows how he explains this away.

According to the state, five people died in the explosion that took place, and several more were left with injuries, like severe chemical burns.

Russia’s nuclear agency said that the explosion was the result of an accident occurring during a test for an “isotope power source for a liquid-fuelled rocket engine”. There’s speculation that these are tests for a nuclear-powered cruise missile that Putin mentioned in a speech a year ago.

The threat of radiation levels rising to deadly levels has left the citizens terrified. While local officials urged calm, residents in several cities stocked up on iodine, which is often used to limit the effects of radiation exposure.

Another interesting note is that Russia has closed off the White Sea to all civilians, causing speculation that either the government is searching for something (or someone), or even worse, the water is contaminated.