Nickelodeon Has A Dark Secret They Hope Nobody Discovers

Right now there seems to be a trend going on in Hollywood, and it isn’t one executives want to continue.

Since the now infamous Harvey Weinstein has been exposed for the monster he is, others in show business are opening up about their allegations of sexual abuse.

In the weeks that have passed, people like Kevin Spacey, and former president George H.W. Bush have been accused of sexual assault, and harassment, and both have since issued apologies. Now, it appears things are only getting worse for those in power, and the media is being compliant by helping to hide their secrets.

Years ago former child star Corey Feldman warned the whole world about the prevalence of pedophilia in entertainment, but his peers mocked him. Barbara Walters ripped him on live TV for daring to say that those in Hollywood could ever be capable of something as sinister as pedophilia. Now it appears that those cries are finally being heard, and names are being given.

One of those names is one of the most powerful men in all of children’s television, and after doing some digging, the allegations become difficult to deny.

Over the course of three decades Dan Schneider has been personally responsible for taking young actors, and actresses, and turning them into stars. During that time rumors have circulated that Schneider has done more than help these young people become better actors. Many have suspected that the award-winning show creator has had inappropriate relations with his young stars, but are these claims based in reality?

While the internet swirls over rumors of Harvey Weinstein, and countless others, Schneider seems to be one of those whose name gets brought up. A quick search on popular chat sites like reddit and 4chan show that people have been talking about this guy for years, and with all that’s come out recently in Hollywood, the stories are becoming more and more believable.

Before diving into something like this, we have to remember that an actor stands to lose a lot when stuff like this comes to light. When a creator/producer of a show gets caught up in something as salacious as a child-sex scandal, the creator’s shows are pulled. Suddenly, the actors have lost all of their money from syndication, all because they told the truth. At this point many of them feel they can’t change the past, so they might as well keep the cash.

I say that because many of us instinctively having a hard time feeling sorry for the rich, and famous. However, this is a MUCH different situation. These kids go into acting, and their innocence is robbed from them, often times at the parents’ knowledge.

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes is one of those speaking out against Schneider, and says that her parents were aware the whole time in tweets that have since been deleted:

You don’t have to look to hard to find evidence of Bynes’ claims. Schneider has regularly tweeted about “feet”, even going so far as to solicit pictures from those on the social media site. Does this mean he is a pedophile? Obviously not, but usually where there is smoke, there is fire.

Digging into this subject has since opened up a can of worms for me. “Revenge of the Cis”, a relatively new podcast has had its twitter account suspended for supposedly talking about Schneider.

The duo had a former child actor on their show, and during their interview it was revealed that Schneider’s actions are an open secret. After their interview, PEOPLE magazine asked them for their source’s information. Since then, PEOPLE have not contacted the source.

When ROTC began tweeting at PEOPLE, twitter shut down their account. This isn’t a conspiracy, these are merely the facts.

When I reached out to Mike Schiele of ROTC, he confirmed that his account was locked, but that “we don’t want to assume since we do piss a lot of other people off, too.” However, the timing does seem a bit strange.

“As far as I’m concerned there’s no question that a culture of child abuse exists in Hollywood, at this point it’s a matter of figuring out how severe and how widespread the abuse is.”

His cohost, Royce Lopez, says that this “is a Systematic problem in Hollywood,” and isn’t limited to just one network.

“Viacom and Nickelodeon are turning a blind eye because they have Disney envy.”

The two have since asked former Nickelodeon “All-That” cast member Angelique Bates to appear on their show, and are waiting for a date to be confirmed on her appearance.

The fact that PEOPLE has contacted the two, and nothing has been done, speaks volumes.

If they were truly digging into this story, wouldn’t they have contacted the source they asked for? Something doesn’t smell right, and an attempted cover-up may prove to do more harm than good for all involved.

The Red State has published a piece on Schneider, in which they include a twitter thread by a user with numerous allegations against the children’s show creator:

The thread goes on, and on, and reveals some disturbing trends that are pervasive on the “children’s” network. Are these merely screenshots that are taken out of context, or is there more to the story? Schneider sure hasn’t done himself any favors with tweets like this:

Schneider wouldn’t be the first name to be ousted at Nickelodeon. A few years ago a Nickelodeon child actor accused X-Men actor Brian Peck of committing sexual acts against him. The actor pleaded “no contest” to two of the charges, and was a subject of a documentary on pedophilia in Hollywood: “Open Secrets”.

The fact that this has happened before leads many curious minds to question the stories surrounding Schneider. While there are rumors bordering on the absurd (like he fathered Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby) some, like his feet obsession, are proving to be true.

The question is, why hasn’t PEOPLE followed up on the story? They have the actor’s information, but to date they have not reached out to him.

One reason could be that the higher-ups in media don’t want to hurt their own pocketbooks. Nickelodeon is owned by Viacom, and their stock hasn’t been performing too well, especially of late. Right now their stock is at the lowest it’s been in a decade, and the last thing a struggling company needs is a flagship network going down.

It’s hard to imagine the people at the top of the media totem pole don’t communicate with one another. If a company like TIME (who owns PEOPLE) has damning information on another media company, it’s easy to believe that they would share this information with a higher-up at another company. I mean, apparently “everyone” in Hollwyood knew about Harvey Weinstein’s secret, and yet the media waited until his company’s failure to bring it to light.

A thread on one of the many popular websites similar to reddit, which has since been deleted, talked about Schneider at length. The thread was shared to gamespot.com OVER FOUR YEARS AGO. While many may argue about the credibility of the post, and who it is believed to be, the fact is this rumor has been going on for a LONG time:

“One of the greatest examples of an alleged child predator producer is Dan Schneider, who created and wrote Zoey 101, All That, Victorious, iCarly, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, and What I Like About You, and is the most successful writer/tv executive in Childrens Entertainment Television for the last thirty years.

Robert Downey Jr. allegedly wrote the following statement about Dan Schneider on Crazy Days and Nights under the screen name Himmmm:

Hes a monster. The WORST predator alive. And if you wonder why nobody will confront or charge him? Hes in charge of multiple HIT SHOWS for Nick which rakes in oceans of money. Tens of millions of dollars multiplied by many years and many shows (not to mention his merchandising royalties). So Viacom-Nick warn him to cool it – then pay for his damn lawyers.

What about the parents? No tweener parent who shoved their kid into the limelight from birth is going to cross him either, and risk career suicide and loss of revenue (and residuals and future career). No matter how bad it ****s up the kids. Especially if theres MULTIPLE kid actors in the family. And the kids agents are complicit too. Just ask the Spears family. A LOT of settlements get paid out of Viacoms accounts.

There have been rumors swirling about Dan Schneider for quite some time. Rumors that he is the father Jamie Lynn Spears daughter, got Amanda Bynes pregnant and paid for her abortion, and took the virginity of countless Nickelodeon starlettes. A quick Google search will show you how many people are catching onto this guy and questioning his innocence.

There was also a recent post on Reddits r/TIL section about Schneider, and most of the comments highlight his creepy behavior and the fact that hes an alleged pedophile. One commenter even made an allegation about being paid $100 to have her feet tickled by Dan in the privacy of his office while working as an extra on The Amanda Show.

Much like a high-ranking priest, Dan Schneider (and many others like him) will probably never be exposed, unfortunately. But hey, thats showbiz, baby!”

Again, all of these are rumors, and speculation. No charges have been filed against Schneider (that we know of).

However, if these rumors prove to be true, a lot of people stand to lose a LOT of money. All the actors that worked on his shows would see their syndication dollars go “bye-bye”, and while people may have a hard time sympathizing for the rich and famous, this would explain why so many stay quiet.

The greatest fear is that, if true, there’s no telling how many children have been, and are are still being put at risk on a day-to-day basis. While most parents want to protect their children at all costs, the sad reality is that many of these kids get used all the time. If believing that a person has a child to collect welfare is a common occurrence, it’s hardly a stretch to think the same thing doesn’t go on for people trying to get their five-minutes of fame.

Time will tell if the rumors prove to be true, but I would not want to be a Nickelodeon executive right now.

Prior to publishing this story we reached out to Viacom for comment. They have yet to respond to these rumors.