New Super-PAC Aims To Give A Real Voice To The ‘Silent Majority’

The silent majority spoke loudly in 2016 when Donald Trump shocked the entire world and won the United States presidential election, but that wasn’t enough to prevent Democrats from spreading their toxic ideology.

Liberty Resources Alliance was formed to support true America First conservatives, and they are giving the once “silent majority” a true voice when it comes to backing candidates that align with their values. Their website states that they exist “to bring together faith-based political candidates and provide them with the tools and opportunities to help them succeed.”

Once very red state like California and Virginia are no longer “up for grabs”, as Democrats have completely taken over thanks to failures by those once claiming to be conservatives. Their failures at the highest levels of office have completely altered the political landscape of our country, and now for the first time in generations we have a real push for socialism.

Now, this toxic ideology has reared its ugly head in the great state of Texas, and it must be defeated.

What is at stake?

In case you missed it, Virginia had Democrats take over the state’s legislative branch in the 2018 election. Now, those Democrats are threatening to bring in the military to enforce gun laws they intend to pass in 2020.

Virginia was a very red state prior to 2018, but several factors like immigration led to the state going blue, and now those in power are aiming to take the God-given rights of Americans. What makes matters worse is that all signs show there’s no turning back.

Texas has been moving to the center for years, thanks again in large part to failures of the Republican party to live up to the conservative values of their constituents. Their biggest failure is their inability to secure the southern border. This isn’t because they aren’t capable, they just don’t want to.

“If Texas goes, so goes the Union.”

Texans, and conservative Americans as a whole, need to make sure the Lone Star State stays red. Texas represents the largest stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border. If conservative Americans don’t step up and do something, Democrats will make sure the border is never secure, and will see to it that illegal immigration increases along the border.

Texas also represents 38 votes in the Electoral College. If the state turns blue it all but guarantees no Republican will ever win the White House again.

This is why it’s so important for Americans, especially Texans, to give to groups like Liberty Resources Alliance. While the majority of political groups represent “special interests”, Liberty Resources Alliance represents conservatives. Period.

Conservatives want a safe America. Conservatives want representatives that promise to protect their rights. Conservatives want individuals who will fight for them, and won’t allow their values to be run over by a leftist agenda hellbent on destroying the family, and dividing the country along lines of race and gender.

The left-wing media is working 24/7 to push their views onto the American people, which means conservatives fight an uphill battle. While many are left feeling helpless, there’s a way for patriotic Americans to fight back

Liberty Resources Alliance represents the America First agenda, but this doesn’t happen without help from every day Americans like you.

Whether it’s a donation, a follow, a share, or just telling your friends, Liberty Resources Alliance, and like-minded groups, rely on the “silent majority” to make sure Democrats don’t overtake the country.

The time to come together is now. Let’s make America great again! Are you ready?