Mike Rowe Nails What’s Wrong With Democrats

Mike Rowe has become somewhat of an icon in today’s culture, but he’d be the last one to admit it.

The former host of “Dirty Jobs,” has never been one to voice his opinion in regards to supporting a political candidate (unlike most celebrities), but it seems like the democrats in the era of Trump have forced Mike into a corner.

Now, Rowe finally feels comfortable with calling out the democrats on their obvious hypocrisy, and overall stupidity.

Joining “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, Rowe was asked about his views on the previous night’s debate, and what he thought of the candidates.

“They had two or three of the candidates saying get a thousand dollars because automation is here and you’re not gonna be able to get a job, so let’s give people a thousand dollars,” said host Brian Kilmeade.

Of course, Rowe thought that this was a ridiculous notion, asking “why stop at one thousand?”

“Why not two thousand? What about three?” Rowe responded.

Rowe then went on to say that “You can’t ignore the human condition.” The “human condition” being that “We’re fundamentally lazy people.”

“We have to be taught, I think, to not be lazy. I’m just saying that if you give me a choice, and I don’t see myself as lazy, but if you give me a choice of the easy way or the hard way, I can’t help it, I’m going to default to the easy way.”

How refreshing. Mike isn’t calling out any particular group. He is merely pointing out that we as human beings would rather do things the easy way. In his view, giving money out for no reason will only encourage more laziness in a species prone to laziness.

Furthermore, what’s stopping democrats from just giving out MORE money the next time around?

“Once you say OK, free money, the next question has to be, why not more?” he continued. “And that’s the beef with the five thousand dollar surge in the middle class right now, how do you argue against that? You simply say it’s not big enough, why not ten?”

Mike’s sentiments echo that of many Americans: people just want free stuff.

That wasn’t even the best part of the interview.

Mike eventually went into the absurdity of democrats trying to demonize the wealthy. He pointed to their intentions of taxing the wealthy as an example of “millionaires telling millionaires being a millionaire is bad.”

“It’s a free country. Float ‘em. Fly ‘em. Run ‘em up the old flagpole. See who salutes. Look, in the end you’ve got millionaires arguing with millionaires over who hates the millionaires the most.

“It’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before,” he said. “I know it’s convenient. It’s kind of fun to hate the rich and all but, in the end, they’re just people and they’re going to do the math and they’re going to go to where the math is better.”

And there it is folks, the entire democrat platform in a sentence. A bunch of rich people telling the rest of us that being rich is bad. Yet, none of them seem overly willing to give away their cash.

Mike Rowe is 100% correct, but that’s not a surprise. The democrats are the party that tell their supporters “you’ll never be wealthy, so vote for more handouts”.

If only more celebrities had the self awareness of Mike Rowe…