Melania Trump Fires Back At Witness Who Mocked Barron, “Pamela Karlan, You Should Be Ashamed”

During today’s impeachment hearing one of the witnesses, professor Pamela S. Karlan, took a jab at the president by invoking his youngest son.

“He can name his son Barron,” Karlan said. “He can’t make him a baron.”

It didn’t take long for the news to make its way to the First Lady, and she did not appreciate the fact that her son’s name was being dragged through this impeachment sham.

“A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics,” Melania Trump tweeted. “Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering, and using a child to do it.”

Watch for yourself, and see just how crazy this woman is: