Mayor Pete In Hot Water With Black Voters After 2011 Video Surfaces, He Responds

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is surging in the polls, supposedly, but that might come crashing down after a scathing piece by The Root’s Michael Harriot has taken the internet by storm.

Recently, a video surfaced of a young Pete running for mayor back in 2011. In the now viral clip, Buttigieg says ““Kids need to see evidence that education is going to work for them. You’re motivated because you believe that at the end of your education, there is a reward; there’s a stable life; there’s a job. And there are a lot of kids—especially [in] the lower-income, minority neighborhoods, who literally just haven’t seen it work. There isn’t someone who they know personally who testifies to the value of education.

The part in bold is where Pete messed up. He said that black kids aren’t successful in school because they just don’t have the right role models…

I’ve written about the black community’s lack of support for “Mayor Pete” before, but due to my lack of pigmentation, I’m unable to truly speak from that perspective. Fortunately, Harriot did, and I have to warn you, the language is quite… dare I say… colorful:

I want to be clear: Pete Buttigieg is a lying motherf—–.

This is not a misunderstanding. This is not a misstatement. Pete Buttigieg went to the best educational institutions America has to offer and he—more than anyone on the g–damned planet—knows that everything he just said is a baldfaced lie.

Majority-minority schools receive $23 billion less in funding than majority-white schools, according to a recent study by EdBuild. Black students in Indiana, the state where Buttigieg serves as mayor, and across the country, are disciplined more harshly than white students. But even though Buttigieg has never attended a school with more than 10 percent black students, he thinks he knows what’s stopping black kids from achieving their educational dreams.

Apparently, it’s not the fact that the unemployment rate for black college graduates is twice as high as the unemployment rate for white grads. Black college graduates are paid 80 cents for every dollar a white person with the same education earns. White people leave college with lower debt and higher earnings. White kids get more resources, more advanced classes and have access to more technology. But Pete says it could all be solved with a vision-board.

Here are just some opinions of people on twitter since that’s a thing:

With President Trump gaining popularity with black voters, and Mayor Pete doing everything he can to push them away, it seems like Democrats have once again shot themselves in the foot.

Mayor Pete has since responded to the article:

“Well I reached out to the author, and while I obviously, I think that some of the characterization of me personally is unfair, I do understand the concern. What I said in that comment before I became mayor does not reflect the totality of my understanding then, and certainly now, about the obstacles that students of color face in our system today.”

“I believe I was speaking about the need for mentorship and the need for career pathways but the problem is to the extent that, that feels like it’s validating a narrative that sometimes blames the victim for the consequences of systematic racism, I understand why he was upset and I understand the perspective and largely agree.”

If Democrats want to win in 2020, Pete needs to drop out. We can’t have that happen. There has never been a Democrat candidate with this little support from black voters. If Buttigieg wins the nomination it could mean Republicans see unprecedented support from the black community.