Mayor Of Salem Outraged Over President Trump’s Witch Trial Joke, “Learn Some History”

Democrats love finding ways to make themselves out to be victims in practically every situation, and such is the case with the letter President Trump sent to Nancy Pelosi this week.

While the letter has been picked apart by nearly every main stream media outlet, Kim Driscoll, the mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, had to voice her displeasure at her city’s name being used by the president.

For context purposes, President Trump likened the impeachment efforts by democrats to the “Salem witch trials” in his letter to Pelosi. This lady got her feathers all ruffled over an attempt at humor that clearly landed, because only unfunny stiffs would be butt-hurt enough to write something like this.

“Oy vey…again,” the mayor tweeted. “Learn some history:

1) Salem 1692 = absence of evidence+powerless, innocent victims were hanged or pressed to death

2)#Ukrainegate 2019 = ample evidence, admissions of wrongdoing+perpetrators are among the most powerful+privileged”

After posting her tweet, the mayor had to follow it up with an article about her own tweet. I don’t really have an appropriate analogy for this because the only equivalent is someone putting their fart in a jar and sharing that fart with everyone that they can. It’s gross, and nobody wants it.

The article headline is the tweet she just made. It’s like a boring Inception.

For what it’s worth, Mayor Driscoll makes sure to include that she identifies as “she/her” in her twitter bio, so you know where she stands on the hard-hitting issues.

We really need to appreciate people like this. Without them, who would we laugh at? Sure, we could make fun of ourselves, but it’s not as much fun when you’re dealing with people who can take a joke. This kind of response is exactly why President Trump wrote the letter in the first place!