Maxine Waters Says Ben Carson “Doesn’t Have The Intelligence” To Work In The Trump Administration

California Rep. Maxine Waters joined the never-entertaining Joy Reid on her MSNBC program over the weekend, and the 81-year old shared some hot-takes with the self-described homophobe.

“He has no respect for women,” Waters says when asked why President Trump supposedly fears strong women… a question so ludicrous I had to rewind and watch again to confirm that’s how the interview started. “Remember, he talked about grabbing women by the private parts, all of that…”

Waters then says that “he just does not believe that women should have a leadership role,” while totally ignoring women like Betsy DeVos (Department of Education) and Gina Haspel (CIA) among numerous others that are mentioned below, from Forbes:

The Office of the President alone has over 100 women in politically appointed roles, many as Chief, Secretary, Director, Deputy Director, and Counselor to the President. Women also lead commissions such as Eilen Lappin Weiser, Chairman of the Commission on Presidential Scholars; Samantha Ravich, Vice Chair of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board; Michelle Park Steele, Co-Chair of the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders; and Liz Sara, Chairperson of the National Women’s Business Council.

Women lead in the White House as Director of the Office of Administration, Deputy Director of the Office of Administration, and Chief Financial Officer in the Office of Administration.

Does Joy Reid fact check Waters, like a decent journalist would? Does she mention the fact that a lot of women serve in leadership roles in the Trump administration? Of course not… She allows Maxine Waters to babble on about impeachment, and the former Ukrainian ambassador.

Maxine then goes on to say that President Trump should be impeached for using Twitter during the impeachment hearings:

“It’s obstruction of justice. It’s intimidation. And for the President of the United States of America to be tweeting at the time she’s giving her testimony is unthinkable.”

I’m blown away at the utter stupidity of this statement. What kind of logic is she using here? This woman is an elected representative, and proof that parts of the country need to be quarantined from the rest of us.

You’d think the stupidity would’ve stopped, but based on the title of the article you know it didn’t.

Maxine was asked about Dr. Ben Carson’s decision to “gut the Fair Housing Act”:

“I really don’t have time to be bothered with somebody who doesn’t know the difference between REO and OEO,” said Waters, after just saying that using Twitter is an impeachable offense. “This guy just doesn’t have the background, the capability, the intelligence to do the job.”

“I’m gonna be so happy when they’re all out of here,” she concludes.

Unfortunately for Waters, that might not be for a very, very long time.