Man Charged For Stabbing “Baby Trump” Balloon: “First Time I’ve Seen A Liberal Get Mad Over Chopping Up A Baby”

The man charged with popping the infamous “Baby Trump” balloon is standing by his actions, saying that he did the right thing.

“You gotta take a stand,” said Hoyt Hutchinson, the hero who slashed the inflatable. “I was so fired up. I was shaking I was so mad.”

For those who need a quick recap, here’s what happened over the weekend:

The hero of our story is Hoyt Deau Hutchinson, 32, of Tuscaloosa. Hoyt is accused of cutting an 8-foot-long gash into the back of the giant inflatable, thus rendering it helpless.

Authorities later apprehended Hoyt, and charged him with criminal mischief. Within hours, a Go Fund Me campaign was started, and had raised over $20,000, proving that it pays to be a patriot.

On Monday Hoyt was on the air with the “Rick & Bubba Show”, a comedy radio show in Alabama, and he didn’t hold back his views on the cultural problem facing America:

“We don’t have two parties anymore. We have good versus evil. When you got one party that says it’s OK to kill babies — and by the way, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a liberal get mad about chopping up a baby.”

Hoyt has since raised over $40,000 on a GoFundMe. He says he plans on paying his legal fees, and will donate the rest to the Republican Party.