Liberals Have Totally FAILED Chicago, Democrat Begs For Trump To Help The City

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel just recently declared the city of Chicago a completely “Trump-free zone.” Despite dozens of murders happening every week the Mayor still thinks Trump is the bady guy.

But citizens have had enough of the Liberal Mayor and now a Chicago Democrat is begging for President Trump’s help following horrific violence over the weekend.

Liberals have totally FAILED to make Chicago a safe city again, and the people are starting to realize it.

Democrat begs for President Trump to help Chicago. Image via screenshot.

A Chicago resident said, “We have to make sure that President Trump recognizes that not everyone believes that Chicago is a Trump free zone. If he’s serious about helping the people of Chicago, I accept his help.

Over the weekend at least 72 people were shot, including 12 fatally, another eruption of violence in a city that has struggled with murders and shootings in the past few years even as the national homicide rate hovers near historic lows.

Something must be done, and the Mayor of Chicago is not the one to fix anything.

The full interview is below, and it’s eye-opening.



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