Liberal Group Pays Bond Of Accused Child Molester, Gets Arrested For Molesting Another Child

A liberal New York non-profit bailed a man out of jail who had been accused of molesting a child a few months ago. Now, he’s going back to jail for molesting another innocent child.

Luis Olivo, 63, was arrested back in October for, according to the New York Post, he grabbed a little boy’s head and shoved “it into his crotch.”

Surveillance video allegedly shows Olivo — whose last known address was an Ozone Park homeless shelter — talking to a 3-year-old boy and passing a balloon back and forth before grabbing the tot’s head and shoving it into his crotch.

On November 4th, a group called the Bronx Freedom Fund thought it would be a good idea to let Olivo out of jail, so they paid for his bail. To no surprise, he skipped his hearing a few days later, and has been on the run ever since.

At the beginning of December, Olivo was arrested for molesting an 8-year old girl.

“Individuals like Mr. Olivo who struggle with mental health and homelessness need support, not incarceration,” Bronx Freedom Fund Director Elena Weissmann said of the accused child molester.

“For someone in his situation to be denied treatment while their case is pending, because they are too poor to afford their bail, not only harms them, but also impacts communities when they are released after further deterioration of their mental health in jail.”

New York police aren’t thrilled with the actions of these kinds of groups.

“When are groups like the Freedom Fund going to start worrying about the victims?” a Queens detective said.

“Because of their actions, a little girl and her family have been victimized and traumatized unnecessarily.”

The Post reports:

A retired supervisor of sex-crimes investigations also called the situation “horrible.”

“These liberal groups have no idea how traumatic sex crimes are to the victims, especially young children,” the ex-cop said.

“They talk about giving criminals second chances. Well, these two children won’t get a second chance.”

This was hardly Olivo’s first run-in with the law. In 2012 he was charged with first degree sexual abuse of a minor, to which he pleaded guilty and served a mere 60 days in jail.

Under the state’s laws he did not have to register as a sex offender.

New York is one messed up place.