Julian Assange Just Opened Up About What Really Happened In Las Vegas, And The FBI Is Not Happy

It’s inevitable that whenever a public crisis of any sort occurs whether simple scandal or ‘terror’ attack, there will be people online who claim that there is a conspiracy at work.

These claims used to be harder to ignore, but as the internet is now everywhere and news practically instant, these claims are getting stronger and simultaneously becoming harder to refute.

They’re still largely ignored by anyone in power, and for good cause. If people in power looked into these they might actually find something and have to do something about their jobs. Luckily for us there are people who investigate these things so we don’t have to. People like Julian Assange and Judge Napolitano are actively going after corruption and their lives and personal careers have suffered because of it.

To date, the Las Vegas shooting has not been named an act of terror. Is this because the Las Vegas Sheriff’s department smells something bad with the FBI? If the event is ever reclassified as terrorism, then it automatically gets flipped to the FBI.

The more arrests the FBI can make, the better their budget gets.

Julian Assange gets it, and started calling out the FBI strong.

Napolitano gets it.

Julian Assange gets it.

Who else gets it? The FBI? Yeah, let’s go with the FBI.

The caller asks, Rey Tariche, the head of the FBI Agents Association, if the claims made by some are true. Mainly that the FBI finds willing dupes to participate in trumped up terror plots, then arrest them in order to claim a victory in the war on terror.

The caller refers to this as the “6 Week Cycle.”

Here’s the thing. The FBI doesn’t refer to this as the 6 Week Cycle, so it was incredibly easy for Mr. Tariche to downplay these accusations. He sidesteps the name, but actually almost revels in the model proposed. Here’s what he says,

“The FBI investigates thousands of cases. With the proper media attention to those cases we like to show the American people what it is that we do to keep them safe, and also try to show criminals and terrorists that we are out there. I’m not aware of any ‘6 week cycle’ that you’re talking about, and I’m not aware of the facts of your case.”

Here it comes.

“All that I’ll say is that the individuals that you referenced were brought through a very regimented legal process, with a strict adherence to the Constitution of the United States of America, and a jury of their peers will decide if they did what they’re accused of doing.”

Of course, the FBI gets to claim whatever laws they want. They’re busy arresting terrorists, all in the name of keeping their budget the next year.

Is this what happened in Las Vegas?

The narrative has stalled out, because the FBI is not actually in charge? We’re used to hearing who the perpetrator was and why they did it, and how they did five minutes after the crime was committed.

That’s not because of modern technology they were able to get all the answers that quickly. It’s more likely that FBI had deep intimate knowledge already of the individual. In fact that’s what we see. At some point the FBI had already investigated persons like Steven Paddock, and determined them non threats.

Men like Assange and Napolitano have done pretty much all they can do for these types of cases. Napolitano has been fired and bucked down to Fox News Business. Assange lives in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

If any real change is to come, it will come because the American public starts asking real questions.