Ivanka Trump Takes Shots At The Biden Family While Defending Her Father

Ivanka Trump disagrees with her father (and brother) on one major subject regarding the impeachment efforts against him: the whistleblower.

According to the daughter of the president, the name of the whistleblower is “not particularly relevant” to the situation. The reason? He “did not have firsthand information.”

“The whistleblower shouldn’t be a substantive part of the conversation,” she said during an interview with the Associated Press, adding that the individual “is not particularly relevant, aside from what the motivation behind all of this was.”

“The president released the transcript,” she says in regards to the now infamous call to Ukrainian president Zelensky. “So everything is in the transcript for the American people.”

Yes, the media clearly has never dealt with an administration so dedicated to transparency, hence why they keep insisting President Trump has something to hide.

“We stand by the transcript,” Ivanka affirms. “This is standard operating procedure for the National Security Council”.

Ivanka then was asked about what motivates her father compared to Joe Biden, and that’s when she delivered the haymaker.

“The Bidens were in lifelong public service, and they created wealth as a derivative of that,” she said. “My father campaigned on his success as a business person, as someone who was not a politician, and could be a great disrupter.”

“And he’s delivered on that.”

Ivanka is absolutely right. The Biden family has a long history of serving in different parts of government. Their wealth is the direct result of taxpayer dollars. They didn’t make anything. They didn’t build anything. They didn’t own anything.

Biden became a Senator when he was in his early 30’s. He’s been working for the government for over four decades. Trump was a successful businessman who has given that up to work for the public. That’s a big difference.