Hours After Hurricane Harvey Hits, Americans Stepped Up In The Most Courageous Way

While members of congress play politics with people’s lives, citizens, and private companies are stepping up amidst the crisis in south Texas.

Ted Cruz has repeatedly said that this is no time for “political sniping” however when the shoe was on the other foot following Hurricane Sandy, Cruz had a different opinion.

The point of this isn’t to label Cruz, or any elected official, a hypocrite when it comes to disaster relief. No, the overall purpose is to highlight how, in times of crisis, the private sector of the country tends to step in.

By now, you have probably seen the media’s “hot takes” when it comes to government spending money on relief efforts. Politicians love to use these times of peril as an opportunity to score points, and take jabs at opponents.

Think about this for a second. The people who we elect to CARE about us are spending more time discussing their f***-up from 2015.

We’ve got the beached wale, Chris Christie, speaking out on the 2015 disaster relief bill, as though it’s relevant. In the sphere of politics, sure, it makes sense to bring up past scenarios. However, it makes these politicians look pettier than they normally do.

Now, this isn’t a problem limited to politicians. Several “news” outlets are giving their own spin on the situation, and it would be a lot funnier if people didn’t take what they read so serious. Or at least fact-checked a little.

Moments like these tend to bring people together, but there are still those trying to find something political about weather. Salon recently published an article in which the author says:

“I will confess, as I watch the tragedy unfold in Texas, a part of me wishes that I could ask those Trump supporters and Republican voters who are imperiled by rising flood waters how all that “Make America Great Again” and “America First” stuff is working out for them now.

But I am not that cruel.”

I mean, first of all, Houston voted predominantly for Hillary Clinton. Secondly, just about all of this guy’s writings are about how awful white people are, so it’s safe to say this isn’t a happy individual.

I mean, what the heck is this crap:

“Donald Trump is a disaster, much worse and more enduring than this hurricane. Abandon him. Save yourselves.”

We get it, writers need to pay bills, but come on…

Again, my point isn’t to highlight those who AREN’T doing anything, but rather praise those who are.

While the current trend is to bash capitalism, let’s take a moment to appreciate the benefits of a free-market society.

Days, weeks, hell even months could go by before the people of Houston, and the surrounding areas get the government assistance they desperately need. Why, you may ask? Simply put, politicians are going to politic.

Sure, a bill might get passed with money for hurricane relief, but you can bet your bottom dollar any spending bill will get stuffed with “pork.”

Think about it. Texas is a heavy Republican leaning state, and while the city of Houston is very liberal, Democrats are still butt-hurt over losing the White House (and will be for some time). I’m sure there are many on that side of the aisle, licking their chops at this opportunity to stick it to those “deplorables” in the south.

Enter the private sector.

Surely you’ve seen the videos. Companies like HEB and Wal-Mart are donating resources by the “truckload,” literally.

Nobody told these companies to give up their products. There were no politicians having to craft legislation, dictating who gets what. No, the private sector comes in, and starts distributing relief.

Private citizens are doing their part, as well. People are using their boats, and trucks to save people trapped in their homes. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Texas’ neighbors to the east in Louisiana have come to the rescue.

A group known as the Cajun Navy (not affiliated with the actual navy whatsoever) have made the trek to Houston, providing rescue boats, and assisting people who have been stranded.

Duracell is sending free batteries, and Gallery Furniture has opened two of its Houston stores to accommodate survivors.

None of this was mandated by the government. These are simply Americans looking to help their fellow man in any way they can.

Within hours of the storm hitting the coast, folks were standing by at the ready, looking to help those in need. The government, on the other hand, will take a while before they do anything of substance.

Imagine how long it would take to get help to those in need if the government were in complete control, and put red tape around EVERYTHING. That isn’t a future we should want, and yet for many, that is simply how they think (emphasis on simply, and de-emphasize think).

Americans should take a second to pause, and appreciate those giving their time, money, and resources to people who are in need.

Pray for Texas.