Homeless Man Arrested After 4 Beaten to Death

Early in the morning, authorities found four homeless men beaten to death, with a fifth left in critical condition, spread around Chinatown, NY.

The victims, all homeless, were asleep on the streets and vulnerable when the brutal attacks occurred, according to the police.

It was just past 1:30am when the authorities say another homeless man began his rampage, beating the victim’s in the back of their head’s with a metal pipe. The man left four of his victims dead after the intense beatings, and yet another still fighting for his life.

“Officers immediately began canvassing the area for the suspect,” said Assistant Chief Stephen Hughes. β€œAt Mulberry Street and Canal Street, a male fitting description was observed carrying the metal object. The officers placed that male in custody and recovered the metal object without further incident.”

“Officers immediately began canvassing the area for the suspect,”

The New York Police Department received and responded to calls early that morning and found the bodies spread from East Broadway to Bowery Street.

The only survivor of the attacks talked to the police before being rushed to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition. According to NY1, “Police say the victims of the surprise attack were randomly targeted and bludgeoned to death for no reason… People in the area say there are often large groups of homeless people sleeping outside. And that they’ve seen a few fights here.”

This tragedy highlights the problems we are seeing around the country. With new camping laws and other changing regulations allowing the homeless to congregate in public spaces without any repercussions, threats of violence seem to be more apparent, along with trash and needles flooding the streets. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and in the cities that have changed laws to allow these atrocities to take place need to realize their mistakes.