Home-Wrecking Omar Lectures on Moral Integrity

The squad is back at it again and ready to tell you how morally superior they are to everyone else.

In case you missed it, Ilhan Omar has been in the news this past week for using campaign money to fund her family-ruining habits. The representative from Minnesota has recently been accused by a mother and wife of having an affair with her husband, wrecking their marriage and destroying their family. So despite the fact that Ilhan Omar has been in the news this past week for being a home-wrecker (not for the first time by the way), the ‘squad’ member still insists that she is morally superior to the rest of the country, especially those with differing political opinions.

Omar, who has continuously referred to Trump’s border control policies with antisemitic language and outrageously comparing it, and everyone who supports Trump’s policies, to Nazi Germany, has called for the United Nations to step in.

Not only do we not need the UN controlling our affairs, but I think Ilhan Omar needs to just stay focussed on her own affairs and not having them with married men. The wall is being built. The border is getting protected. And the squad needs to step off their high horse before they get bucked off.