Hillary Is Doomed

There’s something nice about the fact that somewhere out there on computer servers that have never been wiped, there exists a treasure trove of Hillary Clinton emails.

And as soon as Hillary tries to make political waves again, or rewrite her own history to explain her losses, there looms a little finger over the “Send” button, and another batch of unflattering emails is released to the world.

As Hillary has been making her rounds for her book tour, where she blames everyone for her loss but herself, one of the most troubling and revealing statements she’s ever made is coming to light.

In an excerpt from her new book, What Happened, she’s complaining about the emails and the servers. She felt that she was unfairly targeted. Then she reveals she was furious. So furious, it made her want to resort to her witching ways, and let the dark side handle those who opposed her.

“It was a dumb mistake. But an even dumber “scandal.” It was like quicksand: the more you struggle, the deeper you sink. At times, I thought I must be going crazy. Other times, I was sure it was the world that had gone nuts. Sometimes I snapped at my staff. I was tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins. Mostly, I was furious at myself.”

This isn’t the first time that Hillary has written about her praises of Voodoo. In her previous book, Hard Choices, she recalls her and Bill’s honeymoon to Haiti, where witnessing voodoo ceremonies, and meeting a voodoo priest affected her deeply.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Hillary is doomed.

She didn’t lose because of emails. She didn’t lose because of Trump, or Sanders, or Comey. She lost because of her inability to own personal mistakes. She ran off the political strategies that got her into Washington, but not the ones that will put her into real power.

Contrast her actions with how Trump handled accusations. Everything Trump was accused of, he admitted and owned, and even clarified in braggadocio.

Hillary will never earn the respect or trust the vast electorate until she can admit SHE was the reason she lost.

The stories coming out of this book are getting bizarre. When the going gets tough, the tough get weird.