Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Both Give Thanks For The Strangest Thing, And It’s Not Bill

Last week on Thanksgiving, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea both gave “thanks” for the same thing, but it wasn’t Bill.

This year, the Clintons gave thanks for “vaccines”, which you’ve got to admit is kind of a strange thing to publicly give thanks for… but the Clintons are strange people, so it’s not out of character.

“Happy Thanksgiving 🍁!” the younger Clinton tweeted. “This Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful for the doctors, nurses, public health staff & vaccine workers who are vaccinating children against deadly diseases, including measles, and fighting #antivax misinformation. They’re heroes. #VaccinesWork”

Strangely enough, her mom was thankful for the exact same thing:

“One thing I’m grateful for are vaccines that save lives. Let’s all do our part to counter anti-vaccination disinformation that threatens lives.”

Hill-Dog believes that even questioning vaccinations “threatens lives”, which is a far cry from the left’s typical trope of “my body, my choice.”

Naturally, people had some strong opinions:

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why Hillary and Chelsea are both pushing vaccinations… They are basically spokespeople for big-pharma.