Hillary Clinton Addresses Lesbian Affair Rumors In Interview With Howard Stern, “Never Even Been Tempted”

Hillary Clinton made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, and she put to rest the rumor that she is, or has ever been “into” women.

The two-time Democrat presidential candidate opened up to Stern about her dating history, explaining that she had no problem with the fellas before she met her husband, Bill.

“Contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men,” she said.

“Raise your right hand, you’ve never had a lesbian affair,” Stern joked.

“Never, never, never!” Clinton said. “Never even been tempted.”

“Unbelievable,” Stern responded in jest.

Clinton then went on to say that she definitely “got around” back in the day, and that the men were just swarming her.

“I dated a lot of different people, and I liked a lot of them,” she said. “I was pretty popular. I was OK popular… boys were not my problem.”

Hillary goes on to affectionately say that before meeting Bill, she had never met someone she considered marrying.

Hillary Clinton has yet to say she won’t run in 2020.