Girl With Rare Muscular Disease Stuns The World With a Single Video, I’m Crying

We are all fighting our own battles in this life, but it’s what we do with the battles we are handed that counts.

This little girl named Kate, didn’t let her Muscular Dystrophy stop her from achieving her dreams of painting.

Kate was diagnosed at just 3 months old with this disease which causes abnormal genes(mutations) which lead to muscle degeneration.

Growing up in Moscow, Russia, she started drawing when she was just two years old, using pencils while sitting in her high chair. And right away, she showed so much promise that her parents enrolled her in a children’s art school the following year.

Most forms begin in childhood. Damaged muscles become progressively weaker. Most people who have the condition eventually need a wheelchair. Other symptoms include trouble breathing or swallowing.

This condition has no cure but the brave little girl fights it by putting all of her energy into creating colorful paintings that show off her creative spirit.

Kate can no longer walk or raise her hands, but she is determined to color the world a little brighter with her painted masterpieces.