Flight From Dubai Lands in NYC Containing Dozens of People with Mysterious Illness

Ever so often a news story regarding public health breaks, that actually gives us cause for concern.

Wednesday morning, an Emirates flight from Dubai landed at JFK airport in New York City potentially carrying a mystery illness.

100 reported feeling sick as they arrived on Emirates Flight 203 from Dubai to JKF, many of them reporting fevers and coughs.

Local NBC affiliate has confirmed that at least 19 people have taken ill.

Mayor De Blasio’s office reports that 10 people have been taken to the hospital, and still an additional nine appeared sick but have declined medical attention. De Blasio’s office says that the symptoms appear flu like.

A passenger, Erin Sykes, was on board and was documenting the events as they unfolded.

Sykes says that some passengers were sick before the plane even took off.

Sykes says that there was a pregnant lady ahead of her even!

Everyone had their temperatures checked as they disembarked.

Eric Phillips, the Press Secretary for May de Blasio has seemingly tweeted an updated all clear.

4 New York reports that there were seven ambulances on stand by as the Center for Disease control check everyone out. There were also a number of other emergency vehicles on standby.

Thank God for the CDC who train for events like this.