First Lady Melania Trump Wishes Military Members “A Very Merry Christmas” During Speech

Over the weekend First Lady Melania Trump spoke briefly before her husband took the stage, but during that time she expressed her love for the men and women serving this country.

“On behalf of my family, I want to thank every member of our military, and their families for their devotion to our country, and their courage to defend our freedoms,” she said. “During this holiday season we send our prayers to all who are serving overseas, who will not be home with their families over Christmas.”

The First Lady goes on to say that “our nation is with you, and thanks you for all the sacrifices you make to keep us safe.”

Following her speech, she shared video of her remarks on twitter, stating “During this holiday season, we send our prayers to all members of the military serving overseas. Our nation is with you and thanks you for all the sacrifices you make to keep us safe!”

Most of the responses were kind, but, as usual, some people can’t accept when Mrs. Trump does or says anything positive.

The folks who claim to hate bullying sure do love bullying our First Lady.

While the media continues to fawn over every thing the former First Family does, they ignore just how wonderful the current First Lady is.