Exhausted California Firefighters Could Barely Stand, Guy Fieri Shows Up And Stuns Them All

There seems to be no end in sight to the horrific wildfires burning at record speed in the state of California. With over 250 USDA Forest Service firefighters assisting on crews fighting the #CampFire at this time they all have to be fed and rested between their intense 24 hour shifts.

Residents have lost homes, pets, business and possessions in the carnage and over 44 people have lost their lives in the fires. with so many fleeing the fires its important to show our gratitude to so many of the people running directly towards the flames.

Heroic firefighters and police officers continue to brave the fury and run directly to the flames to save as many lives and homes as they can. They leave their own homes and their own families knowing that their very lives are put at risk.

It goes without saying that we should help them out at any chance we get. one way is to make sure they are fed and have the energy to keep on fighting. That’s why celebrity chef Guy Fieri chose to go to the front lines and help.

Fieri’s decided to make the lives of servicemen and women fighting the California fires just a little bit easier. According to reports, he’s been serving up hot meals.

The Butte County Sheriff Department confirmed this with a post on their Twitter.

After days spent in horrible conditions, Fieri’s act of generosity is lifting the spirits of the brave men and women doing their best to fight the good fight.

“Thank you so much Guy for filling our bellies and lifting our spirits,” the Twitter post reads.

Fieri also posted to his personal Twitter while on the scene.