Daughter Of Vegas Shooting Survivor Hears Loud “Bang” Near Home, Runs Outside And Sees Her Parents Car In Flames

Dennis and Lorraine Carver were just one couple out of the thousands that attended the Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. When the shooting started, Dennis selflessly threw his body on top of his wife Lorraine’s to shield her. When the shooting paused, that’s when they got up and made a mad dash for safety. They were one of the lucky ones.

What followed for them was two weeks of bliss. That shared traumatic experience made their love even deeper than before. According to their two daughters, they were never short on love in the first place, but that strong bond got even stronger.

Their oldest daughter, Brook, recalls the last two weeks of their lives,

“After the shooting, they heard from all of the people they cared about most. They were so happy. The last two weeks of their lives were really just spent living in the moment.”

Lorraine had shared on Facebook a bouquet of roses Dennis had sent her, just because. It’s a great reminder to all of us living to always show the ones you love, how much you really love them. We don’t need a reason to show love, other than to express what’s already in our hearts.

The Carvers were adjusting to their life with a new lease on living it to the fullest. Sadly, something strange would happen only two weeks afterward. The Carver’s youngest daughter, Madison, who is only 16 heard a loud bang outside of her window.

Something told her to go check

She ran down the street and rounded a corner to find the unfathomable. She was the first person to see her parent’s vehicle engulfed in flames.

Less than half a mile from their home. Her parents had died on a road that they had driven thousands of times before.

Dennis had missed a turn and their car hit a metal gate. It took local firefighters nearly an entire hour to put out the flames.

A whole week after this second tragedy, Dennis’ phone turned up at their doorstep…

In the mayhem of that night in Vegas, Dennis had lost his phone. The FBI had promised to return it to him if they found it.

The Carver’s daughters have found a special kind of solace in it. It’s full of pictures and voice mails, so they can go back now and hear their parent’s voices whenever they want.

“We’ve found some peace in knowing that our parents just loved each other so much that they had to go at the same time,” Madison said. “They couldn’t live without each other.”

Keep the Carver’s daughters in your prayers, as they deal with this life changing tragedy. It’s never easy to lose a loved one. And it’s especially difficult seeing them taken from you before your very eyes.

Also pray that the truth of all this bigger tragedy comes to light, and we the people get real answers. The power structure wants to bury this thing in the news cycle, but this whole thing happened barely 30 days ago. It’s still fresh, and the wounds caused are far from being healed.