Cheerleader “Smashed Newborn’s Skull, Set Her On Fire, And Buried Her”, Set To Face Jury

A young woman in Ohio who has been charged with murdering her newborn baby just days after her high school prom will face a jury, according to The Sun.

Brooke Skylar Richardson has been charged with aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter, endangering children, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

According to prosecutors, when Richardson was 18 (now 20), she gave birth to a healthy newborn baby. Within moments of the newborn’s life, Richardson allegedly killed, burned, and buried the baby in her parent’s garden.

The prosecution argues that Richardson, who goes by Skylar, as well as her mother were “obsessed” with outside appearances.

“Skylar and her family, particularly her mother, were pretty obsessed with external appearances and how things appeared to the outside world,” County Prosecutor David Fornshell said in regards to Skylar having a child out-of-wedlock. “You have a situation where, you know, she’s a cute high school, recent high school graduate; she was a cheerleader described (as) a good girl by her attorney as you heard after the arraignment.”

“And I think that kind of perception is one that Skylar wanted to perpetuate and her mother wanted to perpetuate.”

The Sun reports on exactly how authorities came to discover the baby:

Authorities first learned of the baby from a doctor Richardson had visited just a few weeks before she gave birth.

The remains were found soon after, and prosecutors believe that Richardson buried the baby shortly after giving birth.

Richardson was full term when she gave birth to the girl, delivering the child in her bathroom within days after her senior prom.

Richardson claims that the baby was a stillborn, but that doesn’t explain the burning and burying it in the backyard. Now, the “not wanting anyone else to know” angle makes a bit more sense.

Unfortunately for that little baby, its mother and grandmother seem to be more concerned with how the local girls club will look at them when they go to brunch. That’s the cost of convenience. Hopefully this young woman can reflect on that when she’s behind bars.