Border Patrol Catches Largest Group Of Migrants Ever Apprehended At Once

Just because we haven’t been talking about it much lately, doesn’t mean it isn’t still happening, people have been coming across the border illegally still. It also seems as though the numbers have done nothing but gotten larger. People are still talking about the President’ Wall, as they should be.

It seems more and more likely that the Wall really is needed to help secure our Borders. The Border Patrol is also very overwhelmed with the amount of people coming over at once. Just this Tuesday Morning agents apprehended the largest group of illegals they have ever gotten at once.

Photo Credit: CBP

Border Patrol agents stationed on the U.S.-Mexico border arrested a group of 424 people who illegally crossed into New Mexico. The massive group of primarily Central American families and children traveling without parents arrived in Sunland Park, a suburb of El Paso, Texas, shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

U.S. Border and Customs and Border Protection Tweeted about the situation stating in their Tweet: “#BorderPatrol agents apprehended the largest group of 424 illegal aliens just after midnight this morning in Sunland Park, NM. A second group of 230 illegal aliens was also apprehended in Antelope Wells, NM this morning.”

Just mere hours after the first group of 424 were apprehended, a second group of 230 people illegally crossed the border and surrendered to agents from El Paso. The second group was also made up of families and children from Central America.

Customs and Border Protection, said the groups are not traveling to the U.S. on their own, they are paying human smugglers and cartels to get them into the U.S illegally. They are being smuggled across in massive groups where there isn’t enough border security or protection. They know where our weaknesses are, and they are using every bit of it.

This is one of many reasons why border security is indeed extremely important. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement: “Criminal organizations continue to exploit innocent human lives in order to enhance their illicit activities without due regard to the risks of human life. In most cases these smugglers never cross the border themselves in order to avoid apprehension.”