Blind, Autistic Boy Receives Heartwarming Letter From President Trump

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump was sent a painting, but this was no ordinary piece of art. The story behind it and the president’s response will warm your heart.

Gage Hogue is the incredible artist behind the piece that he and his painting partner (also known as his “Paw-Paw”) called, “The Crying Flag.” Gage was was born blind, autistic and mostly nonverbal. But together, Gage and his Paw-Paw created the incredible painting of the American flag.

Rangy Hogue, Gage’s grandfather/Paw-Paw, is an advocate for children with disabilities and hopes to help spread awareness.

“If there is a disabled person, you have to understand. All they want to do is be included, just be included in life,” Hogue said. “It really excites him to think he achieved something. Everybody knows he didn’t paint it on his own. But it’s his painting.”

After creating the painting, Gage and his Paw-Paw mailed a print to the White House. They never expected to hear directly from President Trump himself! The president wrote a letter back to the two artists, in both print and Braille, with some encouraging words they will never forget. The letter read:

“Dear Gage, thank you for the beautiful painting of the American flag that you and your Paw-Paw made… You are beautifully made in the image of God. I hope you always remember you are loved and cherished by so many.”

This is truly a moment this family will never forget and a letter they will never lose. Gage’s Paw-Paw made a few copy’s of the painting to give to friends and family, but has since been flooded with people asking to BUY Gage’s painting! Read Randy’s Facebook post describing the unexpected event.

Truly inspirational. Hear the story here from WSB-TV: