The Constitution Says I Should Be Allowed To Own A Tank

At the time the Constitution was written the musket was the most powerful weapon a human being could own and operate with ease.

You can find cases of people owning cannons, which would’ve been the equivalent to a tank, and at the time nobody seemed to have a problem with it. Well, nobody except for the government.


Throughout the course of history we have seen the ruling class work towards disarming the populace, and in most cases they are successful. You don’t have to look too far to find examples of countries who were more than willing to surrender their guns if it meant they could feel safer.

In the wake of the most recent mass shootings occurring in both Texas and Alabama, you can expect the folks on the left to call for “gun control,” but I couldn’t disagree more.

In fact, I don’t think we’ve done enough over the years to defend our God given right to own whatever form of defense we so choose.

When it was written, Americans civilians could own the exact same type of gun used by the military. By those standards, we should be allowed to own whatever firearm we so choose. Hand guns? Yep. Shotguns? Of course. Machine guns?! You betcha. Rocket launchers?!? I mean, if you can afford one… seems like a waste of money to me.

The point is, we shouldn’t be restricted by the Feds when it comes to what kind of gun we can own. Personal responsibility and freedom aren’t always safe, but I’ll be dead in the ground before I give up the remaining rights I have left in this world.

Now for the typical talking points:

“What do you need a (insert any type of gun) for?”
Good question! Why do you care?

This is the dumbest line of questioning. Why do people need fancy cars? Why do people need expensive phones? You don’t make purchasing decisions based on what someone else thinks you should want. Maybe I want a machine gun, damnit.

“What about crazy people owning guns?”
They own them. You just said it.

So HOW THE HELL does it make sense for me to give up my gun? If a crazy person has a gun, then why does taking my gun away make any sense? It doesn’t.

“What if your kid was a victim?”
That would be awful. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

That said, you could use that for anything. Car crashes. Food poisoning. Swine Flu. You name it, someone COULD die from it.

“Other countries have gun control.”
Go live there.

Those countries also have an extremely homogenous population. You know, all the people there look alike. Japan. Western Europe. Not exactly examples of cultural diversity within their respective borders.

Jesse Kelly puts it perfectly when responding to a tweet about gun control:

“As the Constitution is written, I should actually be allowed to have tanks, mortars, an Apache helicopter, and a M240G in a nest on my roof. The Founders would be disgusted that I’m only allowed to have an AR-15.”

You may disagree with Jesse, and that’s fine. We just don’t care. At all. My right to defend myself and my family superseded anyone else’s perceived “right to not get shot”, or whatever BS the kids are spewing.

We cannot let the recent acts of violence lead to the loss of God given rights.