Bernie Sanders Says President Trump Will Use Government Agencies To Win Election, ‘He Does Not Respect The Rule Of Law’

When the IG report came out we learned that the FBI had abused the FISA courts by doctoring emails, among other nefarious acts, all in an attempt to spy and potentially derail the Trump campaign.

We discovered that James Comey had signed off on FISA applications based on the debunked Steele dossier, and yet, even with all this information, we have Democrats claiming that it is Trump who is abusing government agencies for his political benefit.

During a campaign stop this week, Bernie Sanders stated that President Trump poses a real threat to our country, and intends on using government departments for his personal benefit in the 2020 election cycle.

“He is going to be a very tough opponent,” Bernie told a small room of supporters. “He lies all of the time.”

“He will merge government agencies with his campaign because he does not respect the rule of law.”

“He will have much of the billionaire class behind him,” Sander says, taking a shot at people who have attained monetary success. “That is the reality.”

Sanders goes on to say that his campaign is the one to beat Trump because he appeals to both “working class” and “young voters”.

“This is the campaign of energy,” Sanders says, giving a nod to his Green New Deal legislation. “This is the campaign of excitement.”

Hopefully Senator Sanders is able to handle all of this excitement. He has already had to undergo emergency heart surgery while on the campaign trail. Lord knows what would happen to the poor man’s ticker if he were to actually win the Democratic nomination.