Andrew Yang Says “Men Become Morons” When Left Alone, He’s Wrong

Andrew Yang is one of the numerous Democratic candidates for president, and during the most recent debate he said something that was brushed off, but really spoke to how folks on the left view the world.

“If you get too many men and leave us alone for a while, we kind of become morons,” he joked.

The crowd ate it up. They burst into laughter, cheering at the notion of “men are stupid.”

Maybe men are stupid. Perhaps I’m the one who isn’t getting the joke, because I could’ve sworn it was a group of men who decided to establish this nation (after getting permission from their wives, no doubt).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was a group of “men left alone” who decided they were going to fight for independence. These same “morons” wrote the Constitution that we try to follow, as much as today’s politicians try to rip it apart.

A group of men were “left alone” and ended up stopping the Nazis. A couple of “lonely” brothers built an airplane. Some guys in a spaceship were “left alone” and landed on the moon.

A bunch of crazy yankees decided to hit balls with sticks, and boom, now we have baseball. Every sport, really, was made by a bunch of men with too much time on their hands.

While Jesus hung out with women, he typically kicked it with the disciples, and they did some pretty good things…

Men may act foolish from time to time, but, come on… The Bachelor exists. The View exists. Desperate Housewives of whatever exists. The silliness isn’t one sided.

All kidding aside, Andrew Yang’s remarks might come off as a joke, but don’t be fooled, this is genuinely what folks on the left believe. Why do you think sitcoms always portray the husband to be the bumpkin? Because it’s popular to rip on men. These are the times we live in.

Then again, maybe I’m going about this all wrong. Andrew Yang is running for the Democratic nomination. He’s a Democrat. Odds are he only hangs out with fellow Democrats. So yes, it would make total sense for him to come to the conclusion that a group of men he knows, when left alone, would become morons, and wear stuff like this…

If Andrew Yang is merely being self aware, then he deserve the upmost respect. If he really thinks men, when left alone, become morons, he isn’t totally wrong. But when the moment counts, men have a history of rising to the occasion.